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4in1 Cover **New Designs**

4in1 Cover **New Designs**

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Our 4in1 covers are perfect for you and your newborn baby!

Versatile covers for 360° coverage while breastfeeding - whether you want privacy while out in public or less distraction during feeding for you precious bundle, simply pop the 4in1 Cover over yourself like a poncho, latch baby, pull cover down and there you have it, easy peasy!

Wear it as a scarf or poncho to save putting it on each time bubs wants to feed.

Use as a cover over baby capsule when out and about to provide a cosy environment for bubba to nap during outings. Features a slot to expose capsule handle for ease of use while carrying and most importantly provides an easy peek option to check on baby at any time.

Think shopping trolleys are the gross? No worries, simply pull the 3in1 cover over the trolley handle and back rest where your precious bundle sits, ensuring the slotted section is where those chubby wee legs stick out from, and there you have it, you can give the disinfectant wipes a rest!

Made from super stretchy fabric for your convenience - takes no time at all to pop on carseat, trolley or yourself!